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A genuine interest in people and a passion for humanitarian issues, the environment, travel and people stories is reflected throughout Gail's work.

'Truth in photography is important - factual, honest, responsible and respectful'


 Gail is a photographer and writer who specialises in people stories, social and humanitarian causes, and the travel, leisure and tourism sector. Much of her work involves raising awareness of the lives others, something she is very passionate about. Living in Africa and with significant travel and tourism experience (she held senior roles in the travel industry) led to her interest in community based tourism, income generating projects, and the 'negative impacts' of tourism development, exploitation and travel marketing.  Gail founded Responsible Photography - collaborative and participatory photography, culture and educational activities.

Gail has lived and worked in North Africa, West Africa, South East Asia, Austria, France, Greece, the UK, and has worked or traveled in many more countries. Her experience of working with different nationalities and cultures is very helpful; she is not reticent about interacting with people, taking time to communicate, form a rapport
and to understand sensitive situations - which she hopes is evident in her work. Her favourite place in the whole world is North Wales - especially Anglesey where she grew up. Morocco, Ethiopia and Mongolia top the list of favourite countries, and Greece will always have a special place in her heart!

English is Gail's first language but she also speaks reasonable French and Greek. Media trained and a confident speaker, Gail lectures, has been invited to speak on live and pre-recorded radio, and as a panelist has contributed to many lively discussions, including Brighton Photo Fringe Forum, World Responsible Tourism Day, the Royal Geographic Society and the Royal Photographic Society.  Gail served as a Council Member for Tourism Concern and is the founder of Responsible Photography.

Gail works with third sector organisations, a variety of print and online media, private sector clients, and undertakes assignments and interim consultancy in the Travel, Leisure and Tourism Industry.

Naturally sensitive and empathetic to situations, Gail works openly but with respect and discretion, photographing with the minimum of kit and, as much as possible,  natural light. 

The fact Gail feels so at home in many of the places she photographs and writes about is reflected in her work. She rarely uses shorthand (once 100wpm) a result of being in situations where people were suspicious of it, instead she writes in longhand or uses a small voice recorder. View some of her collections here.


Tourism Concern is a UK based independent charity that compaigns for an ethical and fairly traded tourism, development and human rights. 


  • Honest, Responsible, Professional, Confidential, Friendly and Fun
  • Respect International Human Rights - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Respect The Convention of Rights of The Child - Convention Information
  • Encourage Responsible Photography
  • Encourage the support of Sustainable Community Based Projects
  • Encourage  Ethical Travel and Tourism
  • Respect our environment


ECPAT UK - working to end the sexual exploitation of children in tourism campaign


Gail works in the UK and overseas, with particular emphasis on Africa. Her base is a rural village close to Chichester Harbour, on the South Coast of England, within easy reach of excellent transport links - road, rail, air and sea, but with poor internet and mobile connections. 

Please get in touch with Gail using the  details below or via the online contact form. Thank-you

Tel:  zero one two four three three seven two nine nine four (from overseas please replace the first zero with +44)

Mob: zero seven eight zero eight one six six one three eight (mobile reception varies depending on where I am!)

Email: info (at) gailwardphotography (dot) co (dot) uk

Skype:  please email to arrange a time to talk.

Truth in photography is important - factual, honest, responsible and respectful

Friendly, professional, reliable and fun - with a passion for her work. Gail's  hands on and flexible approach provides cost effective solutions.

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