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Healthy Back Bag Review

  Healthy Back Bag

2017 Update - I am still using my bag and it is now very well travelled but has remained waterproof!!

It was the concept of the ‘Healthy Back Bag‘ that first caught my attention. Designed to fit the shape of your back, it has a comfortable, adjustable strap and a clever shape. Weight is distributed evenly across your back by using lots of different sized pockets. I thought it would be a very useful travel or small camera bag.

I have been using the ‘Earth‘ bag, which I like because it is made of recycled material, for just over a month now.  It is waterproof and has  lots of  pockets, which took a little while to get used to because I couldn’t remember where I had put things. The attention to detail in the design is excellent, for example, some of the pockets have zips, so a purse, ipod or mobile phone will be kept safely. There is also an internal key clip, so no more searching for keys.

How the bag moulds itself to the shape of my back is very clever.  I prefer carrying it across body when wearing a jacket and over my shoulder when wearing a dress or t-shirt; it is  easy to swing round to get something out. I am not left-handed but the principle is the same for either shoulder. I especially like the ‘double zip’, which gives added security.  It has survived a couple of heavy downpours with only a brochure stuffed haphazardly in one of the open pockets getting wet. A side pocket is just the right size for a small umbrella, or on a sunny day, a water bottle.

There is also a tiny bag – a ‘Baglett‘, which is very useful for putting money and lippy in, or for keeping a passport and boarding pass to hand. The baglett can be worn across body, around waist, over shoulder or clipped to the bigger bag.

Where I really think the ‘earth’ Healthy Back Bag comes into it’s own is for travelling on holiday. It is the perfect size for a ‘travel’ day bag, and when not in use, is light and squashy to pack away. There is plenty of room for everything you need whilst sightseeing, including a small camera, water bottle and suncream.

Carrying around camera gear is part of everyday life for a professional photographer so I had hoped the Earth Healthy Back Bag would be big enough to squeeze in an SLR and lens. Not so. I do, however, think this bag is an ideal camera bag for someone using a bridge or a small compact camera. All the pockets make it easy to organise spare batteries, memory cards and leads, plus there is room for a drink and snack too! I think it gives women a stylish alternative to using a regular backpack.

The Healthy Back Bag is a great everyday bag, whether you use it for work, travel or as a style statement. There are different designs and lots of lovely colours. For busy mums the ‘Big Bag’ converts to a baby bag whilst the Vintage bag is ideal for the man in your life. I however, now have my eye on either the chestnut classic leather bag or the copper Wool Herringbone, both of which are perfect accessories for this winter!

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