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Photography Competitions

All photography competitions have terms and conditions.  Please read these carefully as often the terms and conditions are not very fair, and often state that the entrant gives the competition organiser or sponsor or associated parties unrestricted rights to use the photograph. Terms used often include:-
to waive your rights, your moral rights, your copyright and/or to grant unlimited rights, unrestricted rights, worldwide rights, perpetual worldwide rights.

If you enter a competition on facebook please check the terms and conditions of the competition as well as the terms and conditions of facebook, and any apps on facebook. Also consider the fact that although you may accept the terms and conditions of a competition, you may be entering a photograph of a person who would not like their photograph to be used or exploited in this way. Especially consider the fact when entering photographs into travel competitions. Whilst people you photograph on holiday may have given you permission to photograph them (and I am assuming here that you always ask permission), they may not be happy about their photograph being used for a competition, nor want their image posted on a social website.  PLEASE consider this.

'The Artists' Bill of Rights campaign promotes the adoption of a set of ethical standards for competitions and appeals to which creative works are submitted, for example, photographs, music, film, illustrations, graphic design and literary pieces such as stories and poems.

Whether you are a member of the public who has passion for creativity and enjoys competitions, a creative professional, an artist, or an organisation wishing to adopt a set of ethical standards for the treatment of intellectual property rights in competitions, there is guidance and information here for all'                                                       

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