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 Website Cookies and New EU Website Cookie Law May 26th 2012

On May 26th the EU introduced a regulation that impacts on the users who visit my website. From my understanding, I have to advise what cookies are and how they are used. This notice is to advise anyone who visits my websites and looks at the content that you give your consent for cookies to be used as described. I have included a short ICO video and link to the ICO -Information Commissioner's Office for further information.

'Cookies' store small amounts of data or information about your visit to websites and combined with other personal data, provide information about how you use the site. It is possible to disable these on your computer, but you may then experience restricted access to website pages, information or videos. On some websites cookies are only active on certain parts of the website. The website host for this website uses technology to collect certain data whenever somebody visits, such as browser information, which Country and City a visitor  to the website is from, which pages are looked at and the date of visit. The information is  not personally identifiable and is not shared. It is only used to help me see which pages are visited the most and keeping count of visitors to the website. More importantly, it might be able to help track infringers of my copyright and unauthorised use of my images.  PLEASE NOTE that If you click on a link through to another website, then they may have a different use of cookies and tracking technology. Please note, that the only time information may be used is if there are website copyright infringements or unlawful copying of images from the website.

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