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You will have been redirected to this page because you clicked on a photograph on my website or on a photograph owned by me.  There are usually three reasons for this:-

1. You are interested in licensing the photograph

2.You would like to see a different sized image/photograph


3. You have tried to copy the image/photograph

If you clicked on the image/photograph because you are interested in using it, please contact Gail for licensing details. Please note that all images/photographs are rights managed, some have restricted use and some are not available for licensing.

If you clicked on the image/photograph because you hoped to see a bigger size, all photographs on my website are purposely small and low resolution.

If you clicked on the image/photograph because you tried to copy or download it, then you have been redirected to this page because you are breaching my copyright and intellectual property rights.  This means that you are infringing my rights as a photographer. More information and links explaining more about copyright can be found on my Licence, Terms and Conditions page.   In simple terms, any infringement of my images/photographs, that is, copying or using them without my permission or a licence, will   be charged the licence fee plus £1500  plus any legal or other costs incurred in obtaining this payment.

Taking or copying a photograph from my website is exactly the same as stealing from a shop!

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