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The initial for a  ‘photo project’ came about when Gail visited a remote mountain village school and the children were so excited about having their very own 'school' photograph. A project was set up with the aim of  involving children from the school and the local community. The project won the Green Web Awards, kids and young people category in 2009. Very sadly, the young teacher, who was the key partner in the project, died very suddenly in 2011. 

There have since been photo projects elsewhere, with schools and groups in the UK and overseas.  Gail collects unwanted compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras/lenses.  PLEASE NOTE , these must be in good working order and complete with batteries, chargers and leads, otherwise they are of no help or use. Maybe you have your first digital camera stuffed at the back of a cupboard, no longer used and forgotten about.  Could you donate  it for someone else to use? Sorry to say, film cameras are no longer needed. There is lots more info about the photo projects and Gail's  work in education and culture at Responsible Photography.

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Donations, support or sponsorship for the photo projects are much needed - please get in touch with Gail if you can help. 

Thank-you - Gail

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