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International Women's Day 2016


Duncan Locke joined me on a Responsible Photography programme in Ethiopia  earlier this year, and I was delighted to hear that he has exhibited some of the photographs he took with me in an exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London - The Light and Land On The Mall Exhibition.



Wrestling is a long standing traditional sport that is much enjoyed in Mongolia. I found it fascinating to watch but definitely not a sport I will be having a go at!  I have a collection of Mongolia images, some of which can be viewed online. I am very happy to discuss options to work on picture needs or story ideas.  Coincidentally, I bumped into Joanna Lumley and Burning Bright Productions whilst filming for a three part 'Trans-Siberian Adventure' progamme to be shown in July 2015. They were at the Gengis Khan Statue Complex in Mongolia, and when I say bumped into, that's exactly what I mean! A few very narrow stairs lead from the lift to a viewing platform on the statue and as I walked up, Joanna Lumley was coming down! The film team were very chatty, but suffering from colds picked up in China.

Photography Books

I love photography books and am slowly building my collection of books by both known and not yet known photographers - there are always quite a few on my never ending list!  I have always been inspired by the respected photographer Sebastiao Salgado and made a point of going to see the exhibition 'Genesis'.  It's a remarkable work with an important message.  I have also photographed some of the same people as Salagado in Ethiopia and in the same year too - now there's a coincidence!  

I am looking forward to seeing the film 'The Salt of the Earth',about Salgado's work, presented by his son Juliano Ribeiro Salgado and photographer Wim Wenders. 

June 2014

Half way through the year - where has the time gone!!  A big thank-you to everyone who has given me the opportunity to work with them or help with their picture search - glad to be of service!  It is also reassuring to know that I am not alone with my views on copyright, sharing images on social media, and respecting privacy and personal space! 

I recently wrote a piece about photography for Tourism Concern, posing a few questions and hopefully food for thought and am also writing pieces along a similar theme for a couple of other Organisations.

Lots happening with the educational and special groups work that I do, plus I am thrilled to have been invited to give a lecture to members of the Royal Geographic Society in June.

Ethiopia Talk - Festival of Chichester

Ethiopia has one of the world's oldest practising religions and its political independence and virtual isolation greatly influence traditional ways of life.

Photographer Gail Ward has worked in many countries but Ethiopia is a favourite. She shares insights into Ethiopia's rich historical heritage, cultural diversity, religious ceremonies and colourful festivals.

Date:  Wednesday 18th June 2014
Place:  The Vicars Hall, Chichester Cathedral, West Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1PX
Time: 18.00hrs - 19.15hrs  (please advise when booking if you are attending Evensong at Chichester Cathedral. Time for questions is included at the end, just in case you need to shoot off to another Festival event!)
Price: £7.00  Concessions  £5.00
Disabled Access:  Lift

Ticket Office - Chichester Tickets 

Ticket Office Telephone - 01243 813595

Launch of Wildlife and Nature Photography Competition - Parishes of Southbourne, Chidham and Hambrook

Responsible Photography (founded by Gail) is launching an exciting photography competition for 4-16 year olds residing in Gail's local community - the launch date is May 3rd at Tuppenny Barn. Full details on the Responsible Photography website. If you live in the community, please spread the word!

Emsworth Arts Trail - May 3rd, 4th, 5th at Tuppenny Barn, Southbourne

Gail is launching the 'Celebrating Nature and Wildlife Photography Competition' on Saturday 3rd as well as running workshops for different age groups during that day at Tuppenny Barn, who are  hosting a number of artists over the bank holiday weekend as part of the Emsworth Arts Trail. Gail will be putting up a photo storyboard about a small organically certified project in Colombia - which ties in perfectly with the organically certified Tuppenny Barn!  Please come along and support everyone - there'll be some very interesting work!

Remembering Rwanda Genocide - 20 years  1994-2014   

Being behind a camera is like being behind a desk, a counter, a wheel; I can talk, get to know someone, see what is happening, but in difficult situations, be sensitive but focused. It is only afterwards  that I allow myself to privately reflect on what I saw and felt. Sometimes in Rwanda  I found it very hard.



World Water Day March 22nd 2014

Too many people have no or little access to clean drinking water. I witness this all too often. World Water Day is held on March 22 each year 'as a means of focusing attention on the importance of fresh water and advocating for the sustainable management of fresh water resources'. 

Getting water in Rwanda

World Wildlife Day March 3rd 2014 

The UN declared that March 3rd 2014 would be designated World Wildlife Day - despite the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (1973) many species continue to be in danger - poached, killed or traded, regardless of the signatories to this Convention. Today raises awareness of the fact that so many species are endangered and may soon disappear from our world forever.

'While the threats to wildlife are great, we can reduce them through our collective efforts. On this inaugural World Wildlife Day, I urge all sectors of society to end illegal wildlife trafficking and commit to trading and using wild plants and animals sustainably and equitably"                               Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The Endemic Ethiopian Wolf - threatened by over grazing, increased agriculture, development and rabies.

Pre-loved Digital Cameras for Photo Projects

Can you help? Do you have an old digital camera stuffed away somewhere that you no longer use? If you have, I can put it to great use! I am desperate for digital cameras for the photo projects I run, they must be in good working condition and complete with leads, batteries etc.  Please get in touch with me if you can help. Many thanks.

Date for EC Public Consultation on COPYRIGHT now EXTENDED

The date for the EC public consultation on EU copyright rules has now been extended until 5 March (although not all the pages on the EC Europa website have been updated!). Read the Consultation document and submit your contribution by following this link to the EC Public Consultation page.

"The Half" Photography Exhibition at the RSC

"The Half" photography exhibition at the Royal Shakespeare Company is a rare glimpse of life 'backstage' in the world of theatre by Simon Annand -  Actors, photographed as they get into character in their dressing room, and the 'behind the scenes' people who work with them. The exhibition is part of "In Stiches: A celebration of Costume". On until April 6 (but check dates). Thoroughly recommend.

EC Consultation on Copyright

The EC launched a public consultation on EU copyright rules in early December 2013 and are inviting contributions to the consultation by 5th February 2014.

‘The EU’s Internal Market and Services Commissioner Michel Barnier said recently: "My vision of copyright is of a modern and effective tool that supports creation and innovation, enables access to quality content, including across borders, encourages investment and strengthens cultural diversity. Our EU copyright policy must keep up with the times."  If protecting copyright is important to you and your business, this is your chance to influence the future of the Digital Single Market.’

You can read more via the links below where you'll also find details of how to post your comments to the consultation.

2014 is almost here!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful 2014 to all my clients, colleagues and friends.  Thank-you for your collaboration, contribution, support and interest during 2013. Bonne année et bonne santé pour une année 2014 calme. Eυτυχισμένο το νέο έτος και μια επιτυχημένη και ειρηνική 2014 για τους φίλους και τους συναδέλφους στην Ελλάδα. Feliz año nuevo,la buena salud y la esperanza de una solución pacífica de 2014.

Seasons Greetings from Gail

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays

WTM Panel November 2013

Gail was invited to join a panel at World Travel Market that looked at communicating Responsible Tourism which is now available online. She took the opportunity to talk about what happens to 'holiday' photographs,  'rights grabbing' photography competitions, and  also brought in 'copyright'.

Royal Geographic Society

I am thrilled to have been invited to present a lecture on Colombia at a Royal Geographic Society lecture and lunch in June 2014.


I have decided to start scanning my archived transparency collection of Australia images -  a big job and one I have been putting off for a very long time!  I can already see that I shall get side tracked as I decide which to scan, recalling adventures, experiences and people I met. It also reminds me of the many happy hours I enjoyed in the days when transparencies were physically sorted on a big lightbox!         

      Gail, Harley, Uluru - exploring the Northern Territories, Australia!   

Festival of Chichester

Gail will be presenting her lecture 'Ethiopia Uncovered' on July 6th, during the very first Festival of Chichester. The Festival is a celebration of Chichester with lots of events taking place between June 15th and July 14th 2013.  Read about Gail's lecture here.

'Ethiopia Uncovered'

Vivian Maier    BBC 1 imagine Series  June 26

Well worth watching. A reminder of what real, insightful photography is all about. Vivian Maier was a Nanny but her passion was clearly photography as after her death, an archive of images, shot over many years, was discovered.  Thousands of images of everyday life, composed quickly yet carefully. Alan Yentob explores her life and her photographs in an 'imagine documentary' which I thoroughly recommend watching. 

World Responsible Tourism

I have been invited to participate in one of the sessions during the World Responsible Tourism Events at WTM 2013 where I shall be talking about Responsible Photography.

London to Brighton Cycle  June 16

The alarm went off at 04.30am on Sunday morning, a little earlier than necessary, but I I take my role of 'team back up' (translates to 'taxi driver'), quite seriously! A quick cup of tea, into the car and off - it was hard to believe that a year had flown past since the last BHF (British Heart Foundation) London to Brighton CycleThis year, my niece and two of her school friends must have been three of the youngest 28500 cyclists to take part. An overcast morning was rather foreboding for the sleepy teenagers, who were very quiet during the journey up to Clapham Common. They watched as my brother unloaded and checked the bikes, then spent a few minutes adjusting their ponytails and helmets, before apprehensively cycling off into the throng of people and bikes to meet up with a family friend - no doubt excited but also wondering what they had let themselves in for!

I headed down to the South Coast and a little later received a text saying '10 miles done!!! And it's 10 o'clock!'  No, not because the girls were slow, but because so many cyclists set off at once, the start is always slow, and it takes a while for everyone to get used to being with so many other cyclists. Eventually everyone escapes the 'scrum' and cycles off at their own pace.  Along the way, there are lots of refreshment stops and plenty of support.  No other news filtered through until early afternoon, when my brother let us know that my niece had cycled up Ditchling Beacon (something she was determined to do!) and the five of them were now all resting at the top, eating ice cream!

In Brighton the sun was shining and the atmosphere was great! As cyclists arrived on the seafront, huge cheers went up from the onlookers and I have to say that the commentators did a brilliant job! I joined up with friends and family to eagerly await the arrival of our crew. We were lucky to get a spot just after the Finish line, cameras at the ready. Grandma had the best spot, and managed a quick shot as they cycled over the Finish. Elated and beaming - the girls (aged 14 and 15 years) all looked much happier than at 5.30am that morning - they had done it! A fantastic achievement and I hope they are really proud of themselves.

UK Presidency of G8  June 2013


     Photograph for G8 Leaders

June 8th is the date to join the IF campaign in London

Scroll down the page for more info about the IF campaign rally in London

Salgado Exhibition 'Genesis'                                                     May 2013

A meeting in London gave me the opportunity to catch up with a good friend and make a point of seeing a photography exhibition. No problem deciding what to see - straight  to the Natural History Museum to see the exhibition 'Genesis' by photo-journalist Sebastiao Salgado, who has long been one of my favourite photographers. His work has greatly influenced my approach to photography (personal work).  With over 200 images, make sure you allow enough time to enjoy and consider this exhibition. It is not only a lesson in photo documentary but, is an important gathering of photographs about our planet and people.  People whose lives will inevitably change through that word 'progress', (or should that be exploitation), told vividly through 'black and white', which never fails to impact. As a postscript, apologies to the people standing near me when I realised that Salgado and I have photographed the same people in Ethiopia - people who I continue to see!

(PS - Any family reading this - I'd love the book for my birthday!)

Interview with Kofi Annan

15 May 2013 - ITU Interview with Kofi Annan, Founder and Chairman Kofi Annan Foundation, talking about empowering young people. Worth listening to if you have not already done so.

Intellectual Property - Copyright and Photographers                  May 2013

This image by Jason Brown says it all.  To keep up to date with the latest about the ERRB  law and how it is going to affect photographers in terms of orphan rights and extended collective licensing schemes read info provided by the Intellectual Property Office and

©Jason Brown 2013


Colombia  April 2013 

Images and Stories - contact Gail to discuss  story ideas, travel pieces or for a password to view new images.

Happy Birthday from the Amazon!                                         April 2013

Birthday greetings Nathan from the Amazon!

                               A friendly tarantula in the Amazon! 11.04.2013

Fun at Beaulieu National Motor Museum - dress up and look the part!


Enough Food for Everyone - IF

 I've moved this up the page - June 8th is the date to join the IF campaign in London

 Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign

IF food resources were managed effectively there would be enough for everyone to eat. IF Governments worked together this could happen. IF Countries kept their AID PROMISES, hunger, malnutrition and health issues could be addressed.  The G8 countries meet in June - IF everyone who feels strongly about this uses their voice and joins the campaign - change will be made to happen. This is a real issue, not only around the world, but on your home ground too. If you click here you will find out more -

FAIRTRADE Fortnight  Monday 25 February - Sunday 10 March 2013

McCullin - documentary film about the photojournalist Don McCullin

The film documents 20th Century 'life' through Don McCullin's black and white photographs and  engaging narrative. Thought provoking and sometimes shocking, he talks of the situations he found himself in and the 'dark' times his war experiences have left him battling with. Regardless of the fact McCullin thrived on the 'adventure', his photography is important - the pictures  have impact. On both factual and emotional levels,  they say so much.  Biafra, Vietnam, Cyprus, Ireland, Lebanon -  the film ought to be on every school curriculum - a lesson in history, humanity and more. 

UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill




Read more about the threat to my livelihood by the UK Government here - 'Photographers Livelihoods Threatened'

UPDATE ERRB - On Wednesday 16th the ERRB concentrated on Agriculture leaving the amendments that impact on photographers to the last quarter of an hour. The 'Fair Use' amendment has been removed however the Bill was reviewed again on JANUARY 28th when another date was set for early MARCH.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2013


Fairtrade Fortnight 2013
25 February - 10 March

Valentino and Cartier-Bresson Exhibitons                        4th January 2013

Valentino and Cartier-Bresson in the same day!          4th Jan 2013

One very happy girl yesterday!  Valentino, the master of 'haute couture' and Cartier-Bresson, the master of the 'decisive moment' - enjoyed on the same day in the same place. Take yourself along to Somerset House where the spirit of design and expression on display quickly banishes the post Christmas blues! 

VALENTINO   Master of Couture  THE CATWALK

What a fabulous exhibition.  A truly breathtaking collection celebrating 50 years of  Haute Couture designed by Valentino. A girl's dream! Created especially for Somerset House, this is the first time the collection has been in the UK. Exquisite and beautiful, just wish there had been more information about the inspiration behind the pieces. Also on display are photographs and films demonstrating some of the intricate techniques used in making the pieces.   

Cartier Bresson 'A Question of Colour'.

And then - Cartier-Bresson!  The exhibition 'A Question of Colour includes images not previously exhibited in the UK. Like many I continue to be inspired by Cartier-Bresson, and although it was very interesting to see how the photographers included in this exhibition have interpreted their own take on 'the decisive moment' using colour (look out for the wonderful expression caught on an elderly lady's face!) I came away keen to get back in the dark room! There really is something very poignant about black and white photography.

2013  A New Year!

My best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful 2013. Thank-you for your               support and interest during 2012 and I look forward to working or partnering with       you again during 2013.

Bonne année et bonne santé pour une année 2013 calme.

Eυτυχισμένο το νέο έτος και μια επιτυχημένη και ειρηνική 2013 για τους φίλους και τους συναδέλφους στην Ελλάδα.

Feliz año nuevo,la buena salud y la esperanza de una solución pacífica de 2013.

 ©Gail Ward 2013

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