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  Exhibition  2011


Exhibition Archive 2010
  • 'Changing Lives'                            Chichester Cathedral - November 2010  - link

Photographs and stories showing how the Millenium Development Goals are making a difference to people's lives. Adopted by world leaders in the year 2000, and set to be achieved by 2015, the MDG's are both global and local, tailored by a country to suit specific development needs. A revealing look into changing lives and communities in Africa.

Exhibitions Archive 2008
  • 'an exhibition of Shared Humanity               Chichester Cathedral - June 2008

An invited solo exhibition during a special year of celebrations to  commemorate 900 years since the consecration of  Chichester Cathedral and the 50th anniversary of the  death of Bishop George Bell. Gail's traditional black and white images alongside stories of her encounters with people in Rwanda, formed a large part of this exhibition, which demonstrated her humanitarian activism and commitment to social causes.


  • 'Le Jardin'                                Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester   July 7th - 19th 2008

  • 'Living in the shadow of Genocide'                        Chichester Library  June 9th - 21st 2008

  • 'Growing up in the shadow of Genocide'                              Chichester - June 2008

  • 'Growing up in the shadow of Chernobyl'              Chichester Library, March 3rd - 8th, 2008

Exhibitions Archive
  • 'Growing up in the Shadow of Chernobyl'              Chichester Library, April 2007, Nov 2007

  • 'resurgence'   (invitation)                               Langstone Gate,   June 15th - 29th 2007

  • 'Growing up in the Shadow of Chernobyl'       The Royal Photographic Society.  March 2006

  • 'Kaleidoscope'                                                 John Rank Gallery, Chichester, Sept 2006

  • 'People and Places'                                           International House, Hampshire  2005

  • 'Aspects of the desert'                                      Oxmarket Centre of Arts   2005

Prints have been submitted and accepted for group and International Exhibitions, purchased for private collections, and commissioned for private and corporate clients. Gail's work is  sold by galleries and represented by photography libraries.

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