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Talks, Lectures and observations about her work and photography have been given by Gail to a variety of audiences, including the NEC in Birmingham, Excel in London, the Royal Photographic Society, Royal Geographic Society as well as camera clubs, local schools and groups - and even a radio station in Belarus!  She has delivered tailor-made presentations for charity and corporate  events and is able to intermix her business, travel and photography background with her presentations. Gail is media trained.

 'Colombia Uncovered' A lecture to members of the Royal Geographic Society.

"Photographer and writer Gail Ward has travelled in many countries, especially in Africa. She first visited Colombia in 2012, thereby fulfilling a childhood ambition to see the Amazon.

Situated on the Equator, Colombia has borders with five other countries and coasts on both the North Pacific and the Caribbean. One third of the country is covered by the Amazon rainforest. Colombia has one of the fastest developing economies in South America.  Its landscapes and the lifestyles of its peoples are as varied as its weather.

In uncovering Colombia, Gail is going to share experiences and photographs from three very different of its regions - Amazonas, Bogota, and the Caribbean Coast. In the first we have dinner with a tarantula, experience a terrifying storm on the river, and learn about the life of Ticuna Indians. All that will prove a complete contrast to Bogota, one of the highest capital cities in the world. It is sprawling and hectic, with gridlocked highways, both modern and colonial architecture and downtown neighbourhoods. At first glance Cartagena on the Caribbean coast is a modern port. It bursts with life, yet hidden away are quiet corners and an Afro-Caribbean community fighting to protect their traditions and rights.

"This promises to be a journey full of insights and adventure".

'Ethiopia'  Lecture.  The Festival of Chichester

Ethiopia has one of the world's oldest practising religions and it's political independence and virtual isolation have influenced traditions and ways of life for centuries.  Gail explores the diverse culture of this ancient country through photographs and her personal stories. Gail has worked and travelled in this ancient African land, which is steeped in history, culture, and tradition. Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa yet for many their only recollection is of the dreadful famine, something now firmly in Ethiopia’s past. A deeply religious country, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is central to everyday life for many Ethiopians and Gail will talk about the holy cities of Axum, home to the Arc of the Covenant, and Lalibela, with it’s rock hewn churches and monasteries. Crossed by the Great Rift Valley and the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is equally as fascinating geographically with diverse landscapes that are home to endemic wildlife and rural villages.

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