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Gail's online portfolio is an introduction to her work and includes examples of assignments, commissions, editorial and projects. Her photography is only available for professional licensed or commissioned use. Limited edition prints may be purchased for personal or private collections.

Gail is very conscious that the 'fit' of a photographer is integral to the success of an assignment, particularly when working with people or in sensitive situations - for example, with children or marginalised women. She also thinks it is important for her to 'fit' with the client too, that's because she'll be working with you and your team, representing your organisation, destination or publication, for the duration of the assignment. For these reasons, wherever possible, Gail likes to meet up, talk through what is needed, share experiences, discuss creative ideas and show you examples of her work. Gail can follow a brief or contribute her own ideas, expertise and style. She also understands that everyone has a 'budget', so tries to offer cost effective solutions and knows how imperative it is to process and deliver images on time.

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