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Photography Activities - Photo Study Days, Workshops and Projects

Gail is the founder of  Responsible Photography - a tiny collaborative and participatory organisation that facilitates a variety of photography,cultural and educational activities.

Gail partners with schools and education providers to deliver creative learning opportunities, often linked with the national curriculum to help develop key skills.  Gail works with children and young people of all ages - from primary school age through to older students, encouraging learning through the use of  photography based activities. Photography activities can be tailored with the teacher or learning providers to fit with existing projects or to focus on specific skiills.

Photo-Study Days for schools, colleges, groups or clubs and people with different abilities.

School and college photo-study days can be a fun way to engage people of all ages.  They can be aimed at specific age groups, and developed in conjunction with a teacher or lecturer, so that they are curriculum specific.  Teachers have often commented to Gail how surprised they have been by some of the skills demonstrated by pupils, often by those who are the quietest in a 'formal' classroom environment. Photo study days can also help students become more informed about different cultures and countries, as well as the copyright, legal and ethical implications of taking and using photographs.

There are lots of different ways Gail can organise a Photo-Study day or activity, - please talk to Gail about your group, club or special needs as she will be happy to talk through ideas and suggestions, and to tell you about previous successful photo-study days.

Workshops are designed for people with different interests or ability. They can be tailor-made for a group, club, an organisation or a business. Gail works with charitable and educational organisations, schools, colleges, arts centres, galleries, local groups and micro businesses.  

Adult photography experiences are held 'on location',  and are usually restricted to between 3 - 5 participants. Gail usually organises  three or four per year - please get in touch with her for further information.

Lectures and Themed Talks have been given by Gail to a variety of audiences, from local schools and clubs, to The NEC in Birmingham, Excel in London and even a radio station in Belarus!  She has delivered tailor-made presentations for Charity and Corporate  Events and is able to intermix her business, travel and photography background with her presentations. Gail is media trained.

Photo-Projects are a collaborative and participatory opportunity for children,  young people and adults to express themselves and discover new skills. Responsible Photography Photo-projects are facilitated by Gail and her partners in the UK and overseas.  

   There's lots of information on the Responsible Photography website


Gail was invited to join panel for a discussion on the ethics, legalities and issues surrounding photography today at the Brighton Photo Fringe 2008.

Read an independent review following a talk Gail gave about Rwanda.

A review of a Photography Study Day for college students
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Responsible Photography

Drawing on her expertise and personal knowledge, Gail founded Responsible Photography in 2002. Responsible Photography is  collaborative and participatory, focusing on education, culture and photography. Gail shares not only her photographic expertise, but also her strong belief in the importance of encouraging, supporting and helping community based income generation, educational and conservation projects.  She has been able to do this through partnering with  independent people and organisations who share this commitment.

Gail also works with overseas partners, who are proud to share their knowledge and homelands with you. Overseas activities are a chance to get right off the beaten track, learn about new cultures and tradtions, and enjoy different photography opportunities with a very tiny group of like minded people - usually  three to four participants.  Gail operates with professional insurance and is not part of any other organisation - be that an educational establishment, Tour Operator or Travel Agency.

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